An alternative to Gumroad for selling digital goods

SellApp is a great alternative to Gumroad that boasts an optimized checkout flow, no-code store builder, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Custom Storefront

With SellApp, easily customize your storefront with our no-code store builder.

Store Staff

Invite staff members on a permission-based policy and manage your store more effectively

Instant Payouts

Immediately get access to your earnings, no longer do you need to wait for week-long payout periods.

Why creators are switching from Gumroad to SellApp.

Gumroad has historically made controversial decisions without involving their customers in the decision-making process. This experience frustrated sellers to the point where they decided to look elsewhere for their digital commerce needs. Let's find out what the alternative to Gumroad is in 2024.

Gumroad has many things going for them, however, not all is well at the company.

  • Creators have reported trouble getting in touch with a human at Gumroad, with no possibility of contacting them via live chat or such. The platform did have a community forum, but this was abruptly shut down.
  • Creators were unaware of of Gumroad's payout limitations, which caused frustration when their accounts suddenly got locked with funds being withheld by Gumroad, hurting those in countries not supported by Gumroad.
  • Over the years, Gumroad has experienced a number of bugs that caused in either customers not getting their product, or their creators not receiving their earnings.

Despite raising tens of millions of dollars, Gumroad has had trouble improving their platform to meet the demands of their user base. At time of writing this post, Gumroad has a 1.7 score on TrustPilot


Gumroad could have been the go-to platform for digital commerce, however, the decision-making process at the executive level prevented them from doing so. Due to this, numerous alternatives have gained considerable market share over Gumroad in the past few years.

SellApp: The alternative to Gumroad in 2024

SellApp is our definitive answer to the problem of digital commerce. Selling digital goods should be easy, affordable, and fast. We're making it our mission to make this happen.

SellApp compared to Gumroad

Store Tickets
Store Staff
1-3 weeks
Live Chat Support
Storefront Builder
Payout Country Support
Not Global
Cryptocurrency Support