Your search for a Gumroad alternative is finally over.

SellApp is a next-generation Gumroad alternative that brings more features, faster support, and a delightful design for you and your customers.

Bug-free Storefront

It's frustrating when you can't run your business because of bugs, worse yet when customers are affected. SellApp has all features Gumroad offers, minus the bugs you don’t want anywhere near your customers, products, or sales.

Professionally Designed

Feel confident with our next-generation design and purpose-built checkout. With SellApp, you won't ever need worry about sporadic design changes that negatively affect you or your customers' experience.

Instant Payouts

On Gumroad, you need to wait for at least a week until your earnings are deposited. On SellApp, your earnings are instantly sent to you for every sale. Gone are the days where you need to wait for weeks until your earnings are deposited.

Why creators are switching from Gumroad to SellApp.

Recently, Gumroad made the controversial decision to completely rebrand their design without communicating the intention to do so with most of their creators. To make matters worse, this decision was made live on arguably the most important eCommerce day of the year: Black Friday.

Many creators were left frustrated with how this decision was communicated, and given the unconventional design, it could also lead to fewer sales. This, however, is not the first time Gumroad has come short on behalf of their users. It's a repetitive pattern that has been going on for years, where creators plead for improvements and features but simply get ignored. Some examples:

  • It is as yet not possible to get in direct touch with a human at Gumroad aside from sending an email. Many creators have experienced insulting and rude remarks from the person(s) responding to emails.
  • Creators are not made aware of Gumroad's payout limitations until after they make a few sales, resulting in locked accounts with funds being withheld by Gumroad, hurting those in countries not supported by Gumroad.
  • Gumroad's infrastructure and codebase was built over 10 years ago, with much of the code now not functioning correctly. This has translated in frustrated customers not receiving what they paid for.

Gumroad has been in operation for 10 years, and they've raised tens of millions of dollars in that time. Despite their abundance of time and resources, the product has seen little change for the better. It's not for nothing that Gumroad has a 2.2 score on TrustPilot at time of writing.


When reading this, you may wonder why the team over at Gumroad make the decisions they do. Long story short; they do so because they build for themselves and their particular use-cases. They expect creators on Gumroad to be exactly like they are and use the platform specifically like they do. If not, and you're a creator who's doing someting amazingly unconventional? That's your problem which you can go deal with by yourself.

SellApp: The next-generation platform for selling digital goods

Like many, we are unhappy with the way digital goods are sold online, especially given the dismissive attitude of platforms like Gumroad. SellApp is our definitive answer to them. We're the next-generation platform for selling digital goods that is 10x faster, better, and cheaper than anything else on the market.

Sure, both platforms allow you to sell digital downloads and have similar features like subscriptions, website embeds, and bulk discounts. But we also already offer so much more. From cryptocurrency payments, to instant global payouts and live support when you can't figure something out and need immediate help.

Give us a try! I guarantee you'll like what you'll be experiencing.

Comparing SellApp vs. Gumroad

Free Plan
Up to 19%
Store Tickets
Store Staff
Email-based, IP-based, and country based.
Minimum 7 days, up to 3 weeks.
Live Chat Support
Only $ based, no support for % based.
Storefront Customization
Payout Country Support
Only 29 countries, unless using PayPal.
Cryptocurrency Support
Multicurrency Support
Yes. 25+ currencies.

Here's what you can do with SellApp


Sell any digital product you want, and make money while you sleep.

Shopping Cart

Your customers can browse, buy, and pay for multiple products in one go. Increase your revenue, and improve your customer's checkout experience.

Multiple payment methods

Boost your sales up to 71% by providing the payment methods your customers prefer. From credit cards to crypto, we support it all.

Next-gen checkout

Our best-in-class checkout is seamless on every device, screen size, and browser.

Scale simply

Whether you process several orders per month or thousands in one day, we can help you.
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You decide to whom, where, how, and when you sell your products. We’ll deliver your products fast and safe, no matter the format or number of orders.

Digital products

Sell and deliver any type of digital product you want globally — from self-published eBooks, coding courses, and design assets, to indie video games — and more.


Set a recurring fee for your customers to access existing or new products on any basis, be it every X weeks or months, or even yearly.


Automatically reward customers with unique perks, like giving access to an premium Discord group, sub-forum or private community.

License keys & codes

Copy/paste a list of custom codes or license keys for your customers to purchase, and keep a clear overview of which customer bought what code or key.
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Start selling better and grow bigger with our nifty marketing tools, and automate your marketing workflows.

Discounts & promo codes

Increase sales and reward customers with discounts and promotions. Create either percentage-based or value-based coupons for a specific product, or your entire store.

Pay what you want pricing

Utilize PWYW pricing to help customers decide how valuable your product is, or use it for donations and crowdfunding campaigns.

Bulk Discounts

Encourage your customers to purchase more by giving them X% discount when they buy Y amount in one go.
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Personalize your storefront and checkout to your liking, add custom checkout fields & embedded buttons to provide a consistent branding experience.

Personalized Storefront

Personalize your storefront's design, change storefront elements to your liking, add a custom domain name, and align your branding for a delightful customer experience.

Custom checkout fields

Seamlessly collect additional customer information directly within the checkout flow, like a username or preferred delivery method, and process orders that much faster.

Embeddable buttons

Easily add a customized embed button by copy/pasting a few snippets of code into your website. We support any platform, whether that's Wix, Wordpress, Weebly or Squarespace.

Keep it simple

You have full creative control over your storefront, so you can make it as simple or complex as you want with no restraints on design or branding.
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