An alternative to SendOwl for selling digital goods

SellApp is a great alternative to SendOwl that boasts an optimized checkout flow, no-code store builder, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Custom Storefront

With SellApp, easily customize your storefront with our no-code store builder.

Store Staff

Invite staff members on a permission-based policy and manage your store more effectively

Instant Payouts

Immediately get access to your earnings, no longer do you need to wait for week-long payout periods.

Why creators are switching from SendOwl to SellApp.

SendOwl was one of the first platforms for selling digital goods. In the decade+ that followed, many viable alternatives followed. Let's find out what the best alternative to SendOwl in 2024 is.

SendOwl has recently changed hands, with the new owner raising $4.5M in funding back in December 2021. The platform has a bright future ahead of itself, but there are some issues that need addressing as well:

  • SendOwl has a minimum fee of 50 cents per order on the starter plan, which prices out a lot of use-cases.
  • Available payment methods are limited to just Stripe and PayPal
  • Since SendOwl is over a decade old, it has accumulated a lot of technical debt, which in turn causes bugs and errors. Notably, checkouts were down for numerous days throughout the past year.

What is the best alternative to SendOwl in 2024?

Summed up, SendOwl over-complicates things while being restrained by its codebase. Updates are far and wide between, added to the limited support channels. Given this, creators look for alternatives to the platform.

SellApp: The alternative to SendOwl in 2024.

SellApp is our definitive answer to the problem of digital commerce. Selling digital goods should be easy, affordable, and fast. We're making it our mission to make this happen.

Comparing SellApp vs. SendOwl

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Store Staff
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Storefront Builder
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Cryptocurrency Support
Multicurrency Support