An alternative to Shopify for selling digital goods

SellApp is a great alternative to Shopify that boasts an optimized checkout flow, no-code store builder, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Custom Storefront

With SellApp, easily customize your storefront with our no-code store builder.

Store Staff

Invite staff members on a permission-based policy and manage your store more effectively

Instant Payouts

Immediately get access to your earnings, no longer do you need to wait for week-long payout periods.

Why creators selling digital goods are switching from Shopify to SellApp.

Shopify is the most comprehensive platform for online commerce and comes with inventory warehouses, shipping discounts, and more. If, however, you're selling digital products, they might not be as good a fit as you think.

Shopify does not have comprehensive coverage for digital products, their primary focus is on that of selling physical products. As the tale goes, they started as a snowboard shop, and gradually evolved into the force they have become today.

  • To get basic support for your digital products, you're very likely required to purchase additional bolt-ons in the Shopify app store. Many of these, if not all, come at a monthly price.
  • Other essential storefront functionality is also not included in the base plan. You would either need to shop in the Shopify app store, and/or upgrade your plan.
  • Given the sheer size of Shopify, they understandably cannot offer hands-on customer support such as live chat.

What is the best alternative to Shopify for digital goods in 2024?

Shopify is the best solution currently known for selling physical products such as clothing and other merchandise. If, on the other hand, you simply want to sell digital downloadables, subscriptions, text/serial based items, or services, SellApp is a better fit.

SellApp: The alternative to Shopify in 2024.

SellApp is our definitive answer to the problem of digital commerce. Selling digital goods should be easy, affordable, and fast. We're making it our mission to make this happen.

Comparing SellApp vs. Shopify

$32/mo + 2%/sale
Store Tickets
Store Staff
Only 2
App store addon
5 business days+
Live Chat Support
Storefront Builder
Payout Country Support
Cryptocurrency Support
App store addon
Multicurrency Support