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Pricing FAQ

As we do not charge any money upfront for any of our platform's functionality, we do not have a refund policy. Our fee system will only charge you for sales you have made on the platform.

If you're unhappy with our platform for any reason, you may stop selling at any time of your choosing. Fees due for that specific month will not be required to be paid. Should you with to resume selling, however, you would need to pay the outstanding fee bill.

Fees are not collected automatically per sale. Instead, our automated system calculates the fee for each individual sale and saves it. At the start of the following month, you receive a bill of fees for all the sales you made in the previous month.

Example: You sign up to SellApp on November 15th and make 100 sales of a product worth $10. Your revenue is $1000, our fees for all 100 sales is $30. The $30 fee bill of November becomes due on the 1st of December.

Example 2: You continue selling in December and make 200 sales of a product worth $20. Your revenue is $4000, our fees for all 200 sales is $120. The $120 fee bill of December becomes due on the 1st of January.

Yes and no. We trust our users to pay their fee bill which has historically worked well. You would indeed be able to not pay your fee bill on the 1st of the following month.

However, if you do not have automatic card payments enabled, we send 3 emails to notify you of the fee bill that is due to be paid. Should you not pay after the 3rd email, your store would temporarily be placed on hold on the 8th of the month, until you pay off the bill (or contact us if you have trouble paying).

You could circumvent this by creating a new store, but then you would lose all of your old store's data and go through the trouble of porting over your products, settings, store design, and so on.

You can sell any digital product you can think of: Digital downloads, serial codes/keys, dynamic content, online services, and anything else you can think of.

Our platform can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including for gamers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and other online creators.

Unlike other platforms, payouts on SellApp are instant. This means that whenever a customer makes a purchase, you get paid out instantly to the payment method you've linked. Notably, SellApp does not hold funds or does payouts, funds are instantly sent from the customer's account to yours.

If you require a "Merchant of Record" service who handles tax compliance, we support this via our Paddle integration. Simply sign up to Paddle and enable the payment method on the SellApp side, then you're all set!

We charge a flat fee of 3% per sale. This industry low fee helps cover all the functionality your storefront may use, including all of the below.

Fraud prevention, DDoS protection, invoice management, automated product delivery, server costs, platform updates & maintenance, and so on.

These are the respective payment processor's fees; we do not receive any percentage of the fee they deduct, and cannot help reduce it.

Fees vary between payment processors. Direct bitcoin payments come at 0% fees (but there's the risk of currency fluctuations) while card payments might cost 3.5%. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the respective providers and only enabling the ones you are happy with.

Everything included

Get full access to all platform features with zero functionality locked behind a paywall.

Store Builder


Access all the pre-built blocks you might need to seamlessly build your store without any hiccups.


With a range of high-quality templates, you don't have to start creating your store from scratch.


Edit to your heart's content, with no limits imposed on your design revision



Create discounts that can be percentage- or value-based and increase your AOV.

Pay What You Want

Utilize PWYW pricing to attract new customers and generate leads for your paid products.

Bulk Discount

Encourage your customers to buy more with X% discount when they buy Y amount.


Digital Goods

Sell any type of digital product — Procreate brushes, license codes, Discord memberships, you name it.


Earn recurring revenue by charging your customers at an interval of your choosing.

Custom Checkout Fields

Collect all sorts of data from your customers during checkout, for when you need those details.

And then some

With feedback from thousands of creators like you, we've made our platform better yet.



With a comprehensive and well-documented API, no application is too difficult to create.


Make your life that much easier with webhooks, and even further automate your workflow.

Dynamic Products

Paste an endpoint that gets pinged when a sale is made. The value you return is passed to the customer.


Custom Domain

Don't want your store hosted on a subdomain? Link your store to any domain of your choosing.


Not a developer, but still want to know when e.g. a product is out of stock? Notifications is your answer.

Custom Billing Descriptor

Instead of a generic value, show your own store name (or another value) shown on customers' bills.


Store Staff

Add store staff with fine-grained permission protocols to help run your store, create coupons, answer support tickets, and more.

Payment Methods

From PayPal and crypto to Cash App, Stripe, Square, and Paddle if you need a Merchant of Record.

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud with our built-in AI-based fraud filters, proxy checker, or block a specific customer/IP/country with blacklist rules.


Believe it or not, but we haven't scratched the surface of the platform's capabilities yet. Instead of listing it all, sign up today and experience the platform for yourself.